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4 more weeks

Road 104

Today is just one of those days that I feel like throwing in my towel and never taking another photo again. I could use some encouraging words and or images. Its perfectly sunny outside and I hate it. I guess I’m not really the only one feeling like this this week though because my good friend Liz is having a crappy week too, send her some love too. Something must be going around. Crappyweekitis.

Hopefully this passes soon, I have too much work to do.

4 thoughts on “4 more weeks

  1. your photography is so good, you can’t quit now!

    1. thanks mom. i can always count on encouraging words from at least one person lol :)

  2. Guh srsly, eff this week.

    Your photography is amazing so don’t stop or I’ll hafta cut you<3

    Love you. Wine date tonight sounds good I don't think I have anything really going on besides installing a client site but I can come over with some vino after?

    1. lol thanks love. and tonight sounds good. we cant be up too late though cause i gotta be up for work at 5. boo. lol