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art day

The Getty Museum garden

Once in a while when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed by well life in general (work/bills/chores), I like to either get away to Bodega or the Sierras or take a day to focus on art (I really do enjoy all forms of creative art), music, and enjoying simple things of life I tend to take for granted. Things like taking the time to enjoy a latte at the new little corner cafe that opened on my block months ago.  The one that I have visited ONCE because I’ve been too busy/drained to even step foot outside my apartment once I’m off work. But I digress…

In Sacramento, we have this museum that has been around for over a hundred years and pretty much anyone who grew up here has visited on a school trip or by spending quality time with grandma on a weekday during the summer. To be honest it was cool that it was so old and the architecture of the original building is really pretty, and sure I was proud that my little Sacramento had a famous museum… but the times I have gone I found it kind of boring and dimly lit. Having visited other museums SFMOMA, Getty, etc…, the Crocker Art Museum kind of paled in comparison.

Recently they underwent a remodel and a huge expansion with modern looking buildings and the works.  Last sunday was their grand opening (yes on 101010) and because I was so drained from opening that morning and church and other things I missed out on all the grand opening hooplah.  So today since its my first real day off in what seems like an eternity I’ve declared today will be my vacation day from adult life and have a little fun, experience a little art and check out our New Crocker Art Museum, appreciate the little and big things that keep me sane in my race for survival- otherwise known as life.

If you’re anything like me and get overwhelmed easily by the stress of life I HIGHLY encourage days like these, they keep me on the level and they keep me inspired to keep doing what I’m doing- to not give up no matter how drained I am. 


What are some things you all do to keep from getting stressed out? What are things you do to keep inspired (about anything really)?


Last time I got too stressed out I took a month off to visit New Zealand! Ha. This is a sculpture at the Canterbury Museum. Taken with a Nikon D40.