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Music Mondays with Dirty D: Drum and Bass

It’s Music Monday once again with me, Dirty D!  This is my final post for my take over of Valerie’s Music Monday series; well maybe. I am thinking about putting together my own music blog, which is in the works. So if you have enjoyed the music I have been sharing here keep it locked in for my own music blog coming soon.

Today I am featuring a new (well not new to the world but new to the blog) genre, DRUM AND BASS!  There is so much that can be said about DNB but one thing is for sure is that DNB can possibly be my all time favorite genre of music.  I absolutely love it because of the high energy it projects. Fast break beats and heavy bass lines are the basic elements of DNB.  Like darker style of dubstep, DNB is intended to heard in venues that can handle low frequencies or person sound system that handle it.  DNB tracks often have deeper basslines than any other forms of dance music, which is my favorite part of them.  As you may notice in my music selection through out my blog entries you can see that I tend to lean more towards those genres of music with heavy basslines because they tend to have the most impact on you as a listener especially when you have the proper sound system.  And unlike the other genre that I have shared in the Music Monday blog, DNB one of the longest last genre that is still loved like it was back when it first came in the early 90’s.

Enough said let’s get right into… This week’s track selection encompasses some new DNB releases and some not so new but are still enjoyed and featured in many different dj sets.  All right here’s the music. Enjoy :)

Noisia & The Upbeats (my favorite)

Gridlok – Insecticide (my favorite)

TC – Tap Ho

Sub Focus – Timewarp

Chase & Status – Pieces

Hamilton – Rich Kids


*featured front page image via dnb soundcloud

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Music Mondays with Dirty D: the darker side of dubstep

This week I am revisiting dubstep but this time we’re going to take a look at the darker side of dubstep.

In my own pursuit for new music, I came across a sub-genre of dubstep that is darker and deeper sounding.  My friends Justin Crescendo Abraham and Spencer Spire Jones are responsible for introducing me to this darker sound of dubstep.  Spire is a local Sacramento DJ/producer who is also another GRIMEY resident and is also a part of FathomSound.  Spire mixes darker/deeper sounding dubstep as well as other styles of bass music.  If have you can catch Spire mixing at GRIMEY or you can check out his soundcloud for tracks that he produces.

Back to the music; I totally fell in love with this style of dubstep quickly.  This darker style of dubstep leaves a profound impact on the listener especially when it’s listened with the appropriate equipment and venue. I have learned through my friends Crescendo & Spire that this style of music produces sounds and tracks with very low frequencies and technical drum patterns that are best projected with specific equipment to enjoy those sounds at its fullest potential.  Those frequencies are what give the listener that “wobble” feeling and in my personal experience breathless.

Sacramento’s own bass night, GRIMEY, is great place to check out this style and other styles bass music, featuring heavy hitting bass from FathomSound.  FathomSound’s sound system is the ideal system that you would want to enjoy dark dubstep.  If you have a chance checkout GRIMEY tomorrow at townhouse for a taste of bass music and if you are not able to make it out here are some tracks that you can enjoy just make sure in whatever method you choose to listen to these tracks that you have a decent set of headphones or sound system where you can hear these tracks as close as they were meant to be heard.

Biome – “Pum Bum”

J:Kenzo – “The Roteks”

Distance – “Falling”

SP:MC & LX One – “Hunted”

Sleeper – “GTFO”

Kryptic Minds – “Can’t Sleep”


*featured front page image of DJ Crescendo by Eric Twopercento Kim*

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Music Monday with Dirty D: EDC edition

I am back as your host, Diana a.k.a Dirty D (as some of you may call me LOL). I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Let’s get right down to business.  If you didn’t know, the spectacular Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) was this weekend! This year was once again it hosted in the notorious sin city, Las Vegas NV at the Motor Speedway.  EDC is one the largest electronic music festivals in the United States and its reputation keeps growing, so much so that this year was the first year to sell out.  Thousands of tickets were sold.  EDC is 3 days of 12 hours of nonstop music and each day seeming more spectacular than the next.  Now that’s how you party it up in Las Vegas!  This year EDC had 7 stages each with their own theme/style of electronic dance music.  Just to name a few different styles: trance, electro, house, dubstep, dnb, and hardstyles.  EDC is a place where you can be yourself or be who you want to be. You can dress up in outrageous outfits or be an average Joe in your everyday clothing and it would all be accepted.  That’s the beauty of the EDM scene there are no judgments.

Not only does EDC feature amazing musical talents but there is much more.  EDC has plenty visual amusements to keep you entertained in the whole experience there. In keeping with the carnival theme there are carnival performers all over the motor speedway grounds. Not only that, there are numerous carnival rides.  There is a giant Ferris wheel, a drop-zone type ride, a slide, and much more.  And before the night ends or should I say before the sun rises there is mind-blowing fireworks show that makes you stop what you’re doing to watch it. 

This year’s EDC also featured EDC week which means that there were many artists performing at different clubs/venues a week before the actually event; so if you didn’t get a chance to get tickets to EDC before they sold out, you had the opportunity to check some of artists out if you were in Las Vegas during the week. For more information about past EDC’s or for future ones go to or to

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this year’s EDC for many reasons out of my control but I hope some of you did get a chance to go it, because it is a once in the life time experience that should at least be experienced once.

Sticking to the theme of EDC, I will be sharing music from a number of artists that performed at this year’s EDC.  I hope you enjoy!

EDC 2012 Official Trailer

“Hold Up” – Sidney Samson

“This is so Good” – Avicii

“Prutataaa” – Afrojack & R3hab

“Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker – Dada Life

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Music Mondays in June with Diana!

It’s that time of the week readers; MUSIC MONDAY! Well let me introduce myself; my name is Diana Garcia and I am a big music fan of all genres but lately I have focused on the electric dance music (EDM), DNB/Jungle & Dubstep.  I enjoy sharing my love of music with my friends and family so one of my closest friends Valerie asked if I would help her out with Music Monday’s for her blog for this month of June.

There is just so much music out there I am always discovering something new and I would like to share some of my discoveries with you.  For this week’s Music Monday I will be sharing some dubstep tracks. I feel that it’s appropriate to start with dubstep since Tuesday is GRIMEY.

GRIMEY is Sacramento’s own dubstep/bass night and it’s located at Townhouse every other Tuesday featuring the latest dubstep/bass DJ’s and producers. GRIMEY’s residents are DJ WHORES and DJ CRESCENDO and the sound is by FathomSound.  The tremendous sound system of FathomSound and combination of great bass artists at GRIMEY is an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.  If hearing/feeling hard-hitting bass is your thing than this is the place to be on Tuesday.

Well let’s get back to the music. I have selected a few artists from one of my favorite dubstep music labels; DubPolice.  I have had the pleasure to see some DubPolice’s artists live at several different venues.  Dub Police has chosen some of the most talented artists to be on their label so I am not surprised that every time I have seen one of their shows I have never been disappointed. Here are just a few of my favorite artists and their tracks from DubPolice and I hope you enjoy:

“Champion Skank” – Caspa

“Fabrication” – Emalkay

“Ultra Skank” – KGB

“Turn Me On” – Subscape

Sneak Peak for next week’s Music Monday:

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is this upcoming weekend so I will be featuring music from artists that will be performing at EDC. Stay tuned in.