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Cemetery Post #3 – Happy Halloween

Last year I went to New Zealand for almost a month to blow off a little steam, visit, and hit up a couple cemeteries whilst being a tourist.  During my visit we (my friend Will and I) took day trips around Christchurch and this little gem of a city is hidden behind the Port Hills through a mile long tunnel.  I feel like this city has won the place in my top 5 favorite cities across the world because it has a very awesome creepalicious cemetery perched on the hills overlooking the harbour.  Its also one of five remaining locations in the world to find a timeball!

So here you go, Lyttelton Cemetery, New Zealand…and a short time-lapse from the video of that day trip- about halfway you see the cemetery.  The photos were taken with a Nikon D40, yes digital, I know…  Enjoy!


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