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Dear Santa,

Hi my name is Valerie and I know its been a long time (possibly a decade and a half) since I’ve last written to the North Pole, but you see Santa this year I’ve finally decided to get serious about things when I’m the brokest (I know its not a word).  I think I’ve been pretty good this year, definitely not deserving of coal.  You’ve been a pretty fair man to deal with all my life, when I wanted the Barbie RV and mansion/loft and mom and dad were too broke, I got it.  When I asked for name brand clothes my freshman year of high school, you bought them (granted it was from Ross but whatever I didn’t specify).  When I begged and begged for a new car that wouldn’t die on me constantly, you even delivered early on my 23rd birthday and got me “Sally” the 2008 Sentra.

Plustek OpticFilm 7600i SE Scanner

So Santa this year I could really use some stuff to help me out in launching myself into a new direction, one aimed towards making a real career out of my talents.  I could really use some  darkroom time at Photosource , and if you really feel like being generous it would really help me out and save me time and money if I could get a film scanner.  I know its asking alot, but I promise not to ask for anything else for a couple more years.  Santa I know I’m not on that naughty list so could you help a Fig out please?  Pretty please.



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  1. […] FINALLY, I ordered my film scanner, which in the end is going to save me about 3-5 dollars per roll being developed not to mention the 20 dollars it costs to get a professional negative scan when I need to scan something hi-res, granted I may loose some sleep because while the quality reviews are amazing, apparently this process is slow as shit and I am impatient. I foresee many wine and scanning nights. Either way, I finally put my money where my film is and sacked up to buy one. […]

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