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Flashback Friday/Friday Postcard: Berkeley


Diana & Marc @UC Berkeley

A couple years ago I went through an especially rough patch over a 6 month span (don’t worry this isn’t a sob-story just some background info).  My grandma had just died from cancer, I had moved out of my parents house for the first time, my dad had his first cancer, then my aunt (grandmas sister) died from cancer too, and to top it off I had to take a demotion to save my job right after I had decided to move back home to save money to get a new place of my own, roommate-free.

It was a lot to deal with. A couple of days after the final straw was thrown (the demotion) my 2 best friends and I headed to Berkeley for the day to get away from it all, plus I had never been before.  My car was still pretty brand new and Marc made possibly the best mix for Berkeley ever and I was getting to experience a whole new city with my friends DSLR  in my hands – I was pretty stoked before I even got to the city.  We spent the afternoon wandering around the main part of Berkley and the campus, found a cool lookout spot, some cool smoke shops, and even ended up discovering (we never knew it existed before) possibly the coolest state park in the hills behind Berkeley complete with its own merry-go-round, lake, and the most breathtaking views from the lawns of what were probably million dollar homes.  The mood was just so relaxed and the music was good, windows were down in the car, and we were just taking it all in.  I can say without a doubt that was one of the best days of my life.

I shot that picture as we were wandering around the UCB campus, they were apparently having some kind of garage band performance- I’m not quite sure but all I know is I really love this picture of my friends.  They’re good people and that was a great day, I’m glad I had a camera for the trip.

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