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Friday Favorite: Michael Hughes

Ever travel the world and wonder what it would be like if monuments were replaced with souvenir replicas?  Well now you needn’t wonder any more.  I came across Michael’s work a year or two ago and thought it was the most whimsical and creative idea I’d seen in a while, he takes a souvenir from wherever hes visiting and replaces the monument with the trinket and photographs it.  It sort of reminds me of the lawn gnome traveling the world and sending back Polaroids to its owner in that movie Amelie, but better.  In my head photography is so serious but his souvenir sets remind me photography can be fun and airy too.  Enjoy!

All photo rights belong to Michael Hughes and such.  If you enjoy his prints as much as I do, feel free to buy a souvenir book from his website!

So what are some artists that inspire you?

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