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Friday Postcard: I’ve driven down the highway one, just hoping that I’d see you soon

somewhere between Monterey & SLO, highway 1 (Nikon d40)

Its not artistically creative or perfectly exposed or even film, but this is probably one of my favorite photos from the road trip I took with my good friend Nathan and his best friend Artimeo down highway 1.  We hit up San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and ended it in San Luis Obispo, it was a fun trip and I would totally do it again.

Ps. Anyone who can tell me where the title lyrics are from wins a cookie.  <3


**If the postcard idea seems familiar to you then you must follow twenty-something too (amazing travel blog)! That’s where I got the idea for this post and future Friday postcards post, so unfortunately I can’t take the originality credit.**


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