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Friday Postcard/FlashBack: Kettleman City, Ca

brokedown palace... Kettleman City

My brand new baby Sentra “Sally” just hit her 40k mark this week, and to commemorate her milestone I’d like to share a funny story with you about my old car…

Once upon a time I used to have a terrible car named Lucifer (it earned the name trust me). Well I decided to push my luck one day and drive down to Los Angeles last minute to party for the night, and then return the next morning since I only had 2 days off work. I must have been stupid (and young, I was 22) because I was going about 100+mph almost the entire way, once I got past Tracy I was in total ‘get there as fast as possible’ mode because the drive to LA from Sac totally blows. By the time I got to LA my car had overheated but I just figured it was because I had driven it for 5 straight hours with one 2 minute pee/gas break. Oh god was I wrong. On my way home hungover the next morning it began overheating as soon as I hit the Grapevine, my only saving grace was that it had just snowed up there so the air was still chilly enough to get me back into the valley. I have friends in Hanford (we call it Hantucky) which is just outside of Fresno and luckily their grandpa was able to meet me in Kettleman City to help me repair the car to get home before my parents found out what I had done. Oh did I mention they had no idea I went? Actually, reading this will be the first time they ever know HAHA, sorry mom and dad.

ANYWAY the moral of the story is, go the speed limit in shitty cars if you’re going to drive to LA without telling anyoneand make sure to bring your camera for when you breakdown and have to wait a few hours.

Lesson Learned. Happy Friday everyone, have a safe weekend, remember your radiator fluid, go the speedlimit, and take some pictures. :)

4 thoughts on “Friday Postcard/FlashBack: Kettleman City, Ca

  1. The whole reason I’m even up in northern Cal is because I flew up here one weekend without letting them know, (My sister kept the secret for me.), to meet someone I met online!! What was I thinking?? Long story…..

    1. hahaha nice!

  2. Nice one! HAHA…I have lots of stories that my parents don’t know about!

    1. lol they might disown me for this one