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Hit me with your best shot


Cupcake Parlour - Christchurch, New Zealand

Today I was hit by a wave of inspiration after talking to a good friend of mine about traveling and how I hadn’t traveled as much in 2010 as I liked and what I wanted to do with this new year.  As per usual I went to tweet my thoughts but when it came time to type them out I couldn’t put into words what I was feeling.  People say they are going to do all these things, we make these lists, we call them resolutions, goals, whatever, I’m one of those peopleFor a long time I was one of the people who would write the list and cross off nothing- they call these people all talk. Only recently have I begun to chip away at my lifelong goals.

I could sit here and tell you about all the things I am going to do with this year that has been gifted to me, about how I’m going to pull a trip to Canada out of my a$$ somehow and later a trip to Mono Lake and Bodie, but really, all I want to do this year is get things done.  This year Im going to do everything I want to do.  Basically, I’m going to make stuff happen.

Last year I spent the last half setting the wheels in motion for the things I am going to go after this year.  This year I wont stop working towards them until I’ve gone a step beyond what I thought I could even do.

To be honest, if at this time next year all I have to say about this year was that I traveled and actually got paid for a print (the buyer NOT being a family member of course), I think I’d call it a good year.  I want to get out there.  I want to prove to the world and myself that I am good enough to run with the big dogs (or at least the medium sized ones).

This year I begin to tie up those loose ends into beautiful bows.  :)

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  1. HOW INSPIRING!! Go Valerie!