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I wish you could have been there

So I had originally hoped that I could take some video of the show, peoples reactions and just capture the general awesomeness that was the second saturday show…but it didn’t quite work out as planned mostly because I was too busy greeting all the awesome people who showed up to support us VOX photographers. I was able to get a couple seconds of video and my mom of course took some pictures (I really need to teach her how to use her camera better- love you mom) mostly of my double chin but whatevs. Anyway here are some of those goodies for you all to see for those who couldn’t make it out for my first show. Enjoy.

I failed to have someone get a clear shot of the mini bio I posted near my work last minute (everyone else had really serious bios), so I’ll just tell you what it said, it was totally cheeky and I wanted it to feel like a personals ad…

Hi, I’m Valerie Figueroa.
I like long walks through old cemeteries,
road trips with the windows down,
36-exposure rolls of 35mm black & white film,
and the smell of darkroom chemicals.

I’m seeking like-minded individuals,
who can apreciate a little grainy contrast in their life,
and maybe even on their walls.

If you think we’d be a good match,
please feel free to take a card
& contact me.


ALSO. For those who expressed interest in purchasing the prints from the show, I am getting them back on Monday April 4th so if you’d like to purchase one you will be able to place your order starting then on my online shop (I printed multiples of the popular prints by the way), we can work out shipping details for anyone outside of northern Cali via email. :) Thanks!!

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