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I’m not a travel blogger, I wasn’t tagged…but I want to play too!

I peeped this great post idea to go through and revive some archive stuff in your blog and thought I’d play along too…even though I’m not a travel blogger…and I wasn’t tagged… but oh well! So here we go!

Your Most Beautiful Post: probably not the one with the best photos, but the closest to my heart… Always On My Mind And In My Head

my Grandma Figueroa in her final days <3 RIP Matilde

Most Controversial Post: Digital Rant, Why I hate Instagram

The real thing, I think you were going for this? A great example of amazing work by Andrionni Ribo via flickr

Most Helpful Post: Tip & Trick Thursday, Double Exposin’ and Negative Sammiches

A Digital "negative" Sandwich

Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Whats In My Bag? Photo Edition

this bag has had 3 owners, spanning almost FOUR decades

Post That Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved: Snapshots of History: Sacramento- then&now (updated with new pictures)

looking down M street (Capitol Mall Dr), then
Sacramento, Then

Post That I Am Most Proud Of: it was honestly a tie between Best of E: Day 1 and I wish you could have been there

my 12 year old niece's very first roll of 35mm
my very first art show

I would LOVE to see some of the blogs I follow do their own version of 7 Links…so I hereby tag the following…

Liz from srslyliz

Nikki at little bits of nikknak

Rachel from i still shoot film

Brandi at this b life

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