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its been a nightmare alright, but its almost over

what I wouldn't do for a glass of Cupcake wine right now...mmm

Its been a rough week. I’m in the middle of another 10 day stretch of work right now, school started and I have yet to even log into my online courses and check homework, and I kind of fell off my health wagon, but I’m back on for now. This week I’ve been dealing with my apartment from hell and looking for and applying to new apartments which has been kind of, okay, really stressful. Luckily my impeccable credit and quick emailing pdf skills paid off and caught me a great apartment in a WAY better spot in midtown without the crappy slumlord I have now or gross indoor smoking tenants, and other gross things around this place. Basically my living situation went from naive awesomeness to nightmare and now unliveable. The most recent of my issues is the fact that I can’t even take a decent shower in my own apartment. SIGH. I think you get better showers in prison…or the army…or both. Either way I am counting down the minutes until I can move out of here, but in the meantime its going to be crazy stressful. I’m moving before my 30 days is up, I had to borrow money for a deposit for the new, slightly more expensive apartment, and I have to buy various moving supplies… I have no idea how I’m going to make the next week and a half happen but I know I’ll come through somehow, I know how to hustle.

I’m trying to tackle one problem at a time but right now I’m feeling extremely overwhelemed and a little depressed to be honest. I took 3 very lazy days off my workout and gained an inch back which sucked all the motivation out of me, and this stress and constant work with little sleep has me wanting to eat EVERY SINGLE THING in sight and sleep every minute I can. I’m going to try to sink all this negative energy into running at the park with my white soul sister (nickname for my friend Dani who I swear to god could be my sister if she wasn’t white), and packing, trashing, organizing, and cleaning this apartment.

Its rough. Wish me luck. I wish I had something cool to post for you guys but honestly I haven’t had the time or money to devote anything to my photography.  Sad face. Soon my friends, soon. I am sitting on 4 rolls of film waiting to be shared with the world, and they are so goooood too. I may have to sacrifice some meals to get them developed for you guys.  :)

Ps. I would also like to mention how grateful I am to have parents like mine. They have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout this ordeal with my apartment and I honestly don’t know what I would have done if they weren’t closeby.

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