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just a quick thought

This randomly popped into my head right now and I had to share.

I’m really grateful for having an outlet like photography and this blog to channel my energy into. I’ve had a really rough week this week (and its only wednesday) but being able to channel my negative energy into doing something that makes me happy…well makes me happy. Its amazing what giving yourself a sense of purpose will do to your mental health. The old me would have kicked myself in the butt for digging myself such a grave, lied down in said grave and wallowed in my own pity for a couple days or even weeks, basically just feeling sorry for myself…and me right now is using this as motivation for following my dreams.

I just had to share my little slice of optimism for getting past a rough day, or two.

Thanks for listening internet. :)

my "work" bench on friday... taken with my Droid2

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  1. love the post and the photo!!!!

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