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Music Monday on Hump Day [not exactly work safe]

Music comes in all forms, and sometimes its sexy or perverse, or both. I love this music, its hilarious and when done well, actually fun to listen to.  I’m no stranger to being completely inappropriate at times and these songs are a perfect example of this… definitely want to plug your headphones in if you’re at work. And I just want to add as a sidenote, that its very refreshing to see females so empowered by their sexuality and not afraid to explore it in a society that has historically raised their young to avoid it.

Peaches – (she is the best in this genre, and really no one else can make songs this disgusting yet appealing)

“Fuck the Pain Away” (heard this song when I was 18 and just starting to realize that it was okay to be sexual)


Amanda Blank – “Might Like You Better” (this song is pretty popular and has been remixed so many times I lost count, its a fun song, although I feel like this chick has kinda ripped off peaches style but whatev)

She Wants Revenge – “Tear You Apart” (not so much filthy, as this song is just hot)

The White Stripes -“Ball and Biscuit” (this song is sexy without trying to be, love it)

Dodge & Fuski Feat. The Highbury Whores – “Pornstep”



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