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My never-ending To Do list…

I’m a list person, if you’ve ever been in my apartment and taken a look at my desk you will find lots of stickie notes with lists on them posted all over.  Sometimes things get done, sometimes I dont cross things off for months.  Since I’ve been spending money on various things non-photography related since Vegas pretty much, my photography ToDo list is ever-growing.

Thats probably not even the tip of the iceberg. I still need to reprint a couple of my best b&w’s so I can mount and frame a couple to auction off for a charity thing coming up early this year! Oh and did I mention how my personal goal for 2011 is to get my portfolio ready to have my very first gallery showing ever?  And to open up a store so I can share my stuff with people who are interested in buying???  Head, meet Desk.

An amateur artists work is never done.  I need to quit being such a slacker and start looking at this whole thing I’m trying to do as my full-time job instead of part-time.  I want my part-time job to be something that just pays the bills and my full-time job to be something I love doing.  :)


one of the many fortunes taped to my inspiration board over my desk
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