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rethinking the canvas

I just have to share some thoughts/frustrations because I have no one else who will listen basically. :) I had this brilliant idea to get 2 of my scanned negative digitals printed onto canvas and stretched onto frames, basically make them ready to hang & sell which would be perfect for my upcoming Second Saturday art show… I recently stopped into photo source, and I can’t believe I never even considered this before, but I didn’t realize I’d need an extra couple inches of photo for stretching around the corners of the canvas. Unless I want a plain white or black border, my canvas idea is totally SOL. Frick. I seriously can’t believe I never even realized this until now, 3 weeks before the show. So now I need to decide how I want to frame/mat my photos and I have no idea. Luster, Glossy, Matte…mounted on board, framed, just matted… ugh! lol


[end rant]