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Its so hard out there for a pimp…

happy breast cancer awareness month! Some lovely soul left some BC awareness bracelets on the mailbox today in my building and I wanted to hug them, seriously. (taken with the Droid 2 Global)

Sorry, that kind of ran through my mind as I remembered how much I miss blogging. I’m still without internet unfortunately, technically I’m paying for it (or will be once I get the bill), but my signal sucks so bad I have to buy a signal booster…blah blah blah long story short, I should have my precious internet connection back within the next 2 weeks. Sigh, its times like this I wish I had bought a laptop instead of a desktop.

Its also times like this that I am extremely grateful for an unlimited data plan. Since I have no internet and my external hard drive with the majority of my entertainment is packed away in a box in my moms garage for temporary storage until I finish unpacking what’s here (holy run on sentence), my mobile netflix has been saving me from many nights of boredom.

But anyway! Enough about boring crap! Istillshootfilm posted a review of the toy TLR camera I’ve been drooling over today. If anything her review only makes me want it that much more. And if you want to learn more about the TLR Blackbird Blackbird Fly you can read all about it on her tumblr…seriously I’m going to have dreams about this tonight probably. I promised myself though that I’m not buying anything photo related until I buy that film scanner I’ve been meaning to get. If things go according to plan I should be able to get it as a christmas gift to myself. :) I love playing santa.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I swear to god if it kills me, I will have internet by next payday. If its the last thing I do.

UPDATE: When I awoke from my slumber this morning…guess who had full on internet? My friend Biz had been on the phone with comcast all morning to set up the internet for her apartment and somehow my signal went from “poor” to “excellent” and voila! No booster needed! FINALLY.

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Ansel Adams rollin' deep into the backcountry, I like his style- standing on top of his car.

Lately I’ve been noticing myself having dreams about cameras.  Specifically toy cameras. Toy cameras are essentially cheap(ish) plastic cameras that are meant for casual photography, lately they’ve been seeing a resurgence in their popularity because of the unintentional effect they create on photos, light streaks, double exposures and what have you.  They’ve even become extremely mainstream in the hipster community thanks to Urban Outfitters and the like.

the Holga camera, medium format (120mm film)

But anyway, I’ve been dreaming about these cameras lately which is very odd for me.  Since I first heard about Holga cameras when I was in high school I’ve always wanted to dabble with toy cameras but I never really did it, mostly out of forgetfulness.  Lately I’ve been reading up on some other photoblogs like I Still Shoot Film (really heavy on cross-processing which gives the photos a cool color effect) and this other blog about this relatively unknown street photographer Vivian Maier who has become quite famous posthumously when someone bought all her negatives shot with her TLR (twin lens reflex) on the streets and started developing and posting them.  I think all my late night blog reading has finally caught up to my dreams.

the Instax, spits out credit card sized instant photos

A couple weeks ago I had a dream about the Instax camera.  I was in a photo class with my friends that was being taught by my college photo professor Danita and we were doing experimental photography.  Because of the crappy budget allotted for photography by the school we were given these ancient versions of the modern day Polaroid/Instax cameras.  In my dream they were a cross between a  large format camera (think Ansel Adams and a huge cloth over his head) with a giant flash bulb attached, and the glass plate that normally sits in those large format cameras spat out instant photos, but with all the settings of modern toy cameras.  It was a beast of a thing but surprisingly light in my dream.

the Instax in my dream had a huge old timey flash like this one

Now I’m normally pretty fussy about what I shoot and the exercise of the day was to “capture life” which I felt pretty intimidated about because lets face it I’m a perfectionist and I wanted THE perfect shot.  Time was running out and we were running around campus trying to shoot things so eventually I just gave in and ended up shooting someone jumping on a trampoline who jumped up and did the splits right as I shot it.  When I saw what I had shot I was totally blown away at how much I liked the picture I took on impulse and ended up really liking the Instax in my dream.  I woke up that morning confused but inspired.

a traditional TLR camera, the viewfinder is at the top and usually a large size to allow for shooting near the waist

Last night I didn’t have such a detailed dream as before, but I was playing around with a toy TLR camera and was walking the streets shooting everyone and everything I saw and loving it.  Half the struggle, for me at least, with doing street photography is that its a little intrusive to people if you come up to them or their business with a camera to your face and take their pictures, its much more relaxing to people you shoot if your camera isn’t up in yours and their face.  Enter: the TLR, it allows you to shoot from the waist, giving you the freedom of actually making eye contact and conversing with these street subjects if you dare.

I think my dreams are telling me something. I think they are telling me to be more adventurous in my photo taking and to experiment outside my comfort zone on the things I choose to photograph.  I really want to get the Blackbird toy TLR now, like real bad.  Who knows, this could be the year I go plastic.

the Blackbird Blackbird, Fly (BBF), a toy TLR that uses 35mm film