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Vegas was good to me

Well needless to say my first visit to the city of sin was pretty good.  I got a lot of great photos of Hoover Dam, but not much of Vegas proper since I was busy having fun.  Since the phrase What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas means a lot to all the parties involved this weekend I’ll leave out the weekend recap, but there was one pleasant little surprise for me when I arrived.  Friday morning I woke up to my first Vegas hangover and an email from the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

Le Reve on the Sacramento River (no its not this one)

About a month ago I heard via twitter that the Downtown Sacramento Partnership was looking for photos of downtown Sacramento for a calendar they would be putting out for 2011, and naturally I submitted a couple photos because lets face it, Sacramento is charming and I love to photograph it.  I was excited but cautious when I submitted the photos and when I didn’t hear back for a couple weeks I just let it go and moved on with my life.  Well it turns out they would like to use one of my photos- one which is actually one of my favorites… do you know what this means???

People other than my own friends & family are going to see my work.

I’m going to be published.

I know its kind of small-time league because lets face it Sacramento gets overlooked constantly, but at least tourists will see this!!!  Any exposure is good exposure, and I’m really excited I get to be part of this calendar.  I’m glad people are going to get to see  how beautiful my town is and how I see it through my lens.

Anyway I’m actually on my way out the door as I post this to go reprint the photo from a negative and get it scanned in hi-res quality so I can send it right over to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.  I’ll of course keep everyone updated on when and where they can get this calendar, because I know my personal cheerleaders (mom, sister, Liz) are going to want copies of this bad boy.

I just wanted to share my exciting news with all 5 of my readers.  ;)

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Busy vacation time


So I’m currently in South Lake Tahoe with family getting out our last hurrahs before my dads cancer surgery on Tuesday.  I can’t think of a time I’ve been up here in November, the drive up was beautiful and apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  I spotted out at least 3-4 photographers on the side of the road photographing the colorful foliage- one in medium format even!  A man after my own heart!

Anyway, I was so surprised at how beautiful the drive up was, kinda makes me a little sad that I won’t get the chance to come back up here while the fall pallete is in full effect since I’m leaving for Vegas in a couple days and by my next day off it’ll be winter I’m assuming from Californias hectic weather lately.  Oh well, I’m hoping the people I’m going to drive to Vegas with will let me stop along the way for photos and I’m reeeaaaallly hoping to see Hoover Dam, who knows.

Anyway, I won’t be posting til I get back probably, not that I really posted much this week anyway (oopsie).  I will leave you with a few questions however…

What is your favorite/craziest road trip story/memory?

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A different kind of Midterm

It seems like just yesterday I was casting my ballot with hope.

I was ready for a change.

Just like I am today.

November 2008 - Nikon d40

Did you vote today?

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a little nugget of culture

Happy November everyone! Today across Mexico and other countries, people begin celebrating the “Day of the Dead” or Dia de los Muertos, honoring their deceased loved ones.  I think we’ve all established that I have some sort of fixation on death already so it is probably no surprise that I think this is an awesome holiday.  No, not cause I’m Catholic but because I think its just a beautiful part of my heritage that I don’t get to celebrate – lets face it, I’m a 3rd generation Mexican-American…that means I’m pretty much American.

my grandmas house

Anyway, I love this colorful and respectful holiday, people put up shrines (ofrendas) to their loved ones covered in colorful flowers, sugar skulls (calaveras), candles, and even sweets (pan).  If you’ve ever seen a Mexican cemetery you know they can be quite beautiful and decorated for this holiday.  I would probably have a field day.  I think my heart is pitter-pattering as I type.

Lately I’ve realized I want to travel to Mexico to celebrate some huge holidays in the country my family came from, I love history and I just think it would be amazing to see it all in person and experience it for myself.  Ideally I’d like to be there for Mexican Independence Day on September 16th and stay til Dia de los Muertos which is on November 1st and 2nd.  I feel like I could squeeze in a ton of culture into those short months and sight seeing, not to mention photo taking.  There is just so much culture and history that I can’t travel anywhere else without hitting up my own backyard first and learning where my ancestors came from, and I feel like this is really important to me.

But enough about me, are there any places significant enough to you that you feel the need to travel there soon??