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160: Nine & Ten


I feel like I should have something more profound to say about this post but really, I’m still searching for answers when it comes to matters so dark. Every time I turn my attention towards this project there are so many unanswered questions that hopefully as I continue to research I can begin to answer. This was only the beginning of this project I still have so much to do, learn, read, research. I’m glad I could share these images with you all though and I do hope that they serve as reminder that life is so beautifully precious and fragile. Please don’t take your life for granted.

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lurking in the shadows

A couple weeks ago I was feeling kinda emo, I had some time to kill and I was dressed, it was kind of nice weather out too and the sun was just starting to set. I had nothing better to do, so why not go enjoy the pretty sky? These are what resulted. Ps, I totally love lurking the streets of downtown with my camera and tripod in the evening, I feel like some sort of photographic hermit and I can only come out at night, it provides cover.

And yes, these are 35mm film shots. The exposures range from 35-45 seconds and I really couldn’t decide which shot I liked better so you get both. :)

funny thing is, last time I shot this exact shot those two big buildings weren't even there!
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Long Exposures!!

OK I have this sick addiction to yahoo articles…I love them, don’t ask me why but I just do. Anyway I was browsing today and they have a gallery of awesome long exposures!!!!! They were originally submitted to Gizmodo as a long exposure challenge and there are more there but I just thought I had to share because some of them are pretty awesome looking! I do love a good long exposure and if you’re ever looking to bring a hint of surrealism into your photography they are a great way to do so. Here are a couple of my favorites from the gallery…

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Whoa, already? Tip & Trick Thursday

I apologize for letting the last couple days slip right through my hands, its been a work-filled week with friend hang outs in every possible moment and definitely no real work on my photography going on. Anyway!

Who here likes those cool pictures where the lights are blurred into straight lines that seem to wizz around the frame, or the ones taken in the dead of night and pick up everything?  I know I do.  Those infinitely awesome photos are called “long exposures” and these are some of my favorite kind of photos.

NB i5, one of my favorites, ever

When I was still a first-timer I was still heavily reliant on the guides provided for me- metering and relying on suggested shutter speeds from my camera.  I can still remember my first night time long exposure, it was of an intersection near my neighborhood.  There was this really pretty old red barn and some horses right next to these stop lights which I found to be kind of ironic- my hometown is made of irony- combining hicksville with modern suburbia.  Anyway my idea was to catch cars wizzing through the intersection and the barn behind it and voila, beautiful photo, right?  The way I wanted to frame everything in my head forced me to rough it and set up my tripod and camera in the middle of the street- thank god for the planted lane dividers or I really would have been in the middle of the street at night.  Anyway since I was still new to this I made the typical rookie mistake, first off, it was pitch black out and late and there were like all of 3 cars out that night, and I ended up only exposing for 15 seconds or so, maybe a little more.  It definitely wasn’t significant enough to catch anything more than a short blur of headlights and none of the backround.  You live and learn, right?

Since then I’ve learned many new things regarding long exposures and I feel like I’ve gotten pretty decent at them, and just writing about them makes me wish I did them more.  I went through this phase where I did a lot of night time photography and that’s where I really learned what to do and how to do it- which I’ll be sharing with you of course.  Now that I know how to do it, its actually quite simple and I can’t believe I messed it up so easily before.  So here are some things I have learned by way of my errors and feel you need to know too… Continue reading Whoa, already? Tip & Trick Thursday