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Just another reason why film is better

unknown, found via google search

Over the past year or so I’ve been coming across other film lovers such as myself trying to defend the beauty in our medium, and on the internet it seems like film is thriving from all the #filmwins & #believeinfilm tweets I see all day. However, what you read on the internet is not always right.

In my portfolio development class we have an average of about 20-30 students and of those students only TWO of us are shooting film…or so I think. I didn’t ask but looking at their work you can tell they’ve either got an incredible professional grip on a medium format DSLR or they are just shooting in medium format film (and yes you can tell the difference between film and digital if you’ve been around photography for as long as I have or longer).  But anyway, our professor was preparing us for our first round of edits next week and told us that we (assuming we are all digital) should have shot at least 1000 images, which should be narrowed down to 40 that he can edit down to about 5 images that may end up in our final portfolio. For digital users thats ONE useable shot in every 25 images just to be cut down even more. (In film terms, thats one shot a roll, or 1 shot every 10-20 dollars)

I did a little rough math and if I were to shoot 1000 exposures I would end up with almost FOUR HUNDRED useable shots, not 40. THAT right there my friends, is the difference between film and digital. Over the years through my own experience with digital cameras and growing up with them becoming commonplace, I’ve learned that film photographers are an entirely different breed of photographers. We’re forced because of our process to be the best photographers we can be at all times instead of shooting off pictures left and right until we find one we can use later. I’m not saying all film photographers are better photographers than digital because I’ve seen a LOT of great digital photogs out there especially now that I’m constantly looking at others professional portfolios on… but I am saying that when you put a roll of film VS the same amount of digital frames side by side, pretty much always the film roll is going to have more useable frames in it, with little to no post-processing necessary. At least thats the case for all of the digital photographers I’ve encountered that are working professionally in my immediate area.

I just wish more digital photographers took the effort to learn the history of their craft  and master it before they go and declare film photography dead, because I can tell you right here and now, its not. If anything they’re just making my work more of a commodity and raising my perceived market value out there as an artist.

Just some food for thought. :)

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So I know this is small time stuff to ACTUAL famous people but I recently had a tiny mention in the Wall Street Journal last week. THE. Wall Street Journal. It was an article about instagram in journalism, mainly fashion right now. And we all know how much I love instagram and all….

I gave the columnist a 10 minute interview over the phone and all that stuck out to her from all my ranting was one small but hilarious phrase. “Its cheapening the art.” The whole day at work I would yell dramatically to my coworkers ITS CHEAPENING THE AAAARRT. We got a kick out of it. So yeah, small potatoes to some, but my mom made sure I bought a couple copies of the paper considering this is the first time I’ve ever been mentioned in a paper…let alone as a “photographer”… holy crap, that makes it official!!

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half the fun of growing up is changing your mind

So most people who know me and a little about how I like my photography know I’m not much for portraits. Its not that I don’t like seeing them, I think there are some really talented photographers out there, its just that its so… overdone, for lack of a better word. I get bored with portraits very easily but that doesn’t mean there aren’t photographers out there that I look up to.

I was talking to a friend I grew up with about photography and we were talking about how she wanted to do portraits and I was telling her about this photographer that kind of changed my mind about portraiture. Max Wanger is a wedding photographer which I happened to just StumbleUpon (pun intended) one day while being bored. Honestly I love his style, if I were to ever do wedding photography my style would probably end up smilar to his. I love how his style of shooting allows you to soak up the surroundings too, not just the subjects way up close. I love his use of landscape and negative space. He isn’t afraid to be a little adventurous with his selective focusing either, which I love and have been experimenting with myself. One of my favorite sets of his is fairly new, its a dude cliff diving and its a silhouette and homeboy is just jumpin’ off the rocks, no big deal. I love how he captured it though, love it all. Please go check him out, his work is amazing.

don't judge me for having pandora and facebook open while i blog, they help me concentrate!!! lol

I know for sure if I’m ever lucky enough to get married and be able to afford a nice wedding photographer, he’ll be the one. Just thought I’d share with you one of my favorite photographers, especially for you folks out there who are more of the landscape lovers like me. <3

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Web Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone, its a rainy day in Sacramento and my day off work, what better way to spend time today than in pjs browsing some of my favorite photography websites, right? Here are a few I love and follow consistently.

Film Grain

Film Grain is my newest addiction. This 15 year old Londoner has an eye for the exact mood of photography I love and his tumblr is like a feed for my feelings I swear. I really don’t know how he has the patience to find all these great shots but I’ve loved almost every single thing hes reblogged.

I Still Shoot Film

I Still Shoot Film was my last newest addiction. An American living and working in Paris as a photographer, she almost always posts cross-processed stuff and is an apparent fan of light leaks, I throughout enjoy the risks she takes in her personal work, it inspires me to experiment. I discovered the above tumblr through her Submission Wednesday posts which are now going to be themed! (yay!)

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is a collection of photos that have been reprinted by John Maloof. Vivian was an unknown street photographer from the 50s to 90s and captured some very candid and interesting moments with her twin-lens-reflex camera. Its hard not to get lost in some of her shots and to picture yourself in her shoes. I forgot to mention there is now an official site for her work at

The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project is something I recently stumbled upon while searching for people who still create Polaroid film. I was very sad to learn after purchasing a vintage SX-70 camera that Polaroid was discontinuing their instant film and the prices on ebay for packs were ridiculous at the time, I basically was stuck with a really cool looking paperweight. Lucky for me Impossible started reproducing instant film for these cameras and they have color and monotone options too! I’ve been experimenting with getting my exposures on this camera just right and will hopefully have some fun SX-70 stuff to post soon. The great thing about the Impossible Project is they offer a gallery full of inspiration and tips and tricks on how to maximize the artistic effects of their film, they have entire pages dedicated to helping you experiment. Love it.

Anyway I hope these can help you pass the time on this wednesday afternoon. <3

If there are any websites you think I should be following, please feel free to contact me and let me know! I love finding new stuff to spend my time on!

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things i miss

I don’t consider myself good at portraits, but I do consider myself good at capturing the ones I love, which is probably the only thing I miss about being in a relationship, shooting nudes/implied nudes (Sorry mom). Its nice when you’re comfortable enough with someone to photograph them when they are most vulnerable.

I’ve been following this photo tumblr called Film Grain lately and they post nudes occasionally and it just makes me miss everything about shooting people. I love the lighting in this shot, thought I’d share it with you.

(via Film Grain, via Feaverish)