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half the fun of growing up is changing your mind

So most people who know me and a little about how I like my photography know I’m not much for portraits. Its not that I don’t like seeing them, I think there are some really talented photographers out there, its just that its so… overdone, for lack of a better word. I get bored with portraits very easily but that doesn’t mean there aren’t photographers out there that I look up to.

I was talking to a friend I grew up with about photography and we were talking about how she wanted to do portraits and I was telling her about this photographer that kind of changed my mind about portraiture. Max Wanger is a wedding photographer which I happened to just StumbleUpon (pun intended) one day while being bored. Honestly I love his style, if I were to ever do wedding photography my style would probably end up smilar to his. I love how his style of shooting allows you to soak up the surroundings too, not just the subjects way up close. I love his use of landscape and negative space. He isn’t afraid to be a little adventurous with his selective focusing either, which I love and have been experimenting with myself. One of my favorite sets of his is fairly new, its a dude cliff diving and its a silhouette and homeboy is just jumpin’ off the rocks, no big deal. I love how he captured it though, love it all. Please go check him out, his work is amazing.

don't judge me for having pandora and facebook open while i blog, they help me concentrate!!! lol

I know for sure if I’m ever lucky enough to get married and be able to afford a nice wedding photographer, he’ll be the one. Just thought I’d share with you one of my favorite photographers, especially for you folks out there who are more of the landscape lovers like me. <3