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Music Monday: Summertime

As I opened my itunes last week for the first time in what seemed like forever I put on The Kills and was instantly transported back into time when I first heard them during the summertime, which led to this tweet asking about your favorite summertime artists… and my brain being its funny self decided to post about summertime music and the SECOND I typed in “summertime” into the title my brain started thinking of all the songs titled “Summertime” especially the ones that cover the infamous Gershwin song that literally everyone and their mom has covered.

All are covers except one little surprise.  :) Enjoy.

Sublime – this one is the first one I think of when I think of this song, guess its a sign of my generation

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – I first heard this version on a random Jazz comp cd I bought from a bargain bin at Borders, love it.

Miles Davis – this is one of the most beautiful covers I’ve heard

The Doors – this is possibly the only rock & roll cover of Summertime that I’ve ever liked.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – I forgot this song existed until I youtubed “summertime” I love this song and miss the early 90s dearly.

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the getaway

SB Highway 1

I haven’t been in a very post-y mood lately, mostly because I’ve been broke, working a ton so I’m not broke again, and taking care of life in general, but I have been craving a nice little escape. I think I might need to take it sometime soon before the summer is up. Seeing the ocean for a day won’t cut it this time around I think.

This is another picture from that road trip I took with my friend Nathan and his buddy Artimeo. This is somewhere between Monterey and San Luis Obispo. You could see the ocean for miles and it was so bright blue, it really makes me want to go on that drive again, just for the heck of it. Maybe I will soon.