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THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF VALERIE.GOODSIE.COM, get some art up on yo walls!

HEY GUYS! Yes, I just typed that in all caps. Why?


Say something!

As of RIGHTMEOW, you can officially begin purchasing your very own original handcrafted with love, painstakingly printed, spotted, mounted, & framed ValerieFigueroa photographs. Not only do you get the pleasure of furnishing your bare walls with some awesome local/upcoming art, 10% of each purchase will go DIRECTLY to the American Cancer Society, so you can take even more credit for being awesome and supporting my photography!


^click it, you know you want to!^


This really isn’t a huge sales pitch, because you either want cool photos on your wall or not, but I am just really excited to share this with you guys. I’ll be rotating and adding more each month to the store so keep checking back for something you might like. If you’re local, I’ll even deliver it myself along with a free Downtown Sacramento Partnership calendar (because I have way too many on my hands right now).

Anyway I just wanted to share the good news with you loverly folks. :)

2 thoughts on “THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF VALERIE.GOODSIE.COM, get some art up on yo walls!

  1. YEAH!! I posted that in all caps because it is exciting news…and because you have a hangover this morning!! LOL

    1. LOL hey well I HAVE to celebrate every little victory in life like I said on FB.