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link love//week end roundup

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend, I know I sure am trying to, despite working most of it. So here to accompany your lazy Sunday in bed, some of my favorite links from around the internet this week, enjoy!

  • My Drunk Kitchen… you’re welcome. This girl totally knows whats up. [LOL @ 4:58]

  • This song from Crystal Castles, Empathy… sometimes my pandora stations are just brilliant

  • F-stop Magazine, I love photo magazines, I just never buy them in store because I’m lazy/broke…enter F-stop
  • This pretty much sums up the last couple weeks me and some girlfriends have had…love it.

"who else loves fire escapes?" via the365project

[accentuating the positives] waking up in a good mood, ready to take on the day || being a hermit || watching dirty love || remembering to bring my sx-70 with me when I go shooting || phantogram || deciding last minute to go to the bay for the day || random gastropubs with ex-FBI personnel || burning through almost 4 rolls in 2 hours || sangria || honest talks with mom || paying bills early || naps || catch up beers with the girls || getting special awards at work || 80 degree weather in july

Hope you guys had a good week! <3

*this post has been inspired by many of my favorite bloggers, let me know if you’d like to see this segment stay!*

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