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Who cares?

Not many know this but I’ve been blogging/journaling/online diary-ing ever since, well…since the internet began really lol (damn I feel old saying that). I’ve always gone through phases and websites and not cared about what I said in them until I started Photo Talk. This blog/whatever is something I actually care about, I care what you guys, my readers have to say, even if it isn’t much. I like sharing my passion and sharing what I learn along the way. I love having a place to talk out my photo-related thoughts, cause I usually bore my friends with it or confuse my mom with all my tech talk.

I’ve been blogging on my personal blog here and there when the mood strikes, and lately I’ve been mulling over the idea of combining the two. Its a risk because this blog serves as my primary source of exposure to my photography and I like keeping it somewhat professional just in case, but at the same time I feel like this blog is becoming stagnant because I’m ONLY talking about art. And lets be honest, I have a life, so sometimes my art gets put on the backburner to surviving the daily grind which is when you will see me not posting anything for a week.

So I need your opinions. Do you care enough to read about my personal life too (and I promise to keep the bitching to a minimum)? Or should I just stick to business as usual?

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