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mine is identical to this one except in better condition, it looks like it was never used.

Many many moons ago, I purchased a vintage SX-70 Polaroid camera at a garage sale which also happened to be right around the time Polaroid decided to discontinue all their products, I was basically assed out of buying film for it because I was too broke at the time and missed my chance, but I just came across the Impossible Project who leased out the old Polaroid factory and began recreating instant film! And GUESS WHAT? They’ve created some film for my SX-70! I am extremely stoked, and I’m still broke but I’m ordering the film anyway, its totally worth it. I think I’m more excited about manipulating the emulsions than I am actually getting to use my camera finally. I just had to share this awesome news, I know a ton of people with old Polaroid cameras that take 600 film and they sell it there too! I can finally start using both of my Polaroids again!

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