Hereditary Brujas: the psychic link in my family

Even though my sister was not showing any signs my aunt just knew she was pregnant. It took my mom and sister by surprise of course. This was the first time I learned about my family’s natural Clair senses. Suddenly things in my childhood started to make sense.

It all started with a rock

It was a hot evening in May of 2020. I had just moved back home with my parents due to the pandemic and having my salary halved. I was scrolling through Instagram and a zodiac meme caught my eye. It suggested that the best crystal for a Virgo was pink optical calcite. I was immediately…

My dog and I met with an animal psychic.

So today I met with an animal communicator named Lilly Ludwig of Animal Intuitive. Basically, she’s an animal psychic medium. So not only is she able to communicate with living animals, but also those who have passed on (as well as humans). I booked a short 30-minute session with her so I could connect with…

To hell and back in a year

Where do I even begin? Like most, 2020 has been a doozy. 2019 really kicked it off for me though, so we’ll start there. In the later half of 2019 we uprooted and moved to East Oakland so I could be closer to my new job in SF. The apartment was fantastic, but the neighborhood…


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