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160: One & Two

While doing some initial research for this project I came across some statistics. In 2010 32,885 lives were claimed by roads. This is unfortunately the lowest rate on record since at least 1994 when the database began recording*.

This means that roughly 100 lives are lost to a car accident a day.

Thats 3 souls per hour or more.

Thats 3 families an hour that will never see their loved one again.

These roadside memorials are only a fraction of that. If that isn’t a sobering statistic, I’m not sure what is.


2 thoughts on “160: One & Two

  1. That’s why I freak out when you tell me youre going to shoot on the river because I know you will risk it for a good photo! So don’t get mad at me :)

    1. I take every precaution I can mom and on my last shoot I re-purposed a construction cone lol