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Valerie’s first small break

2011 cover

So remember how I mentioned I was going to be a part of the Downtown Sac Partnership‘s 2011 calendar???  Well its out!  Woohoo!!! When I had originally heard word my photo would be in it I kind of pictured in my head that my photo would be taking up the majority of the top half of that month but apparently they had other plans for my photo.

I was disappointed when I first saw it because I had built it up so big in my head but what can you do, really?  I’m just glad I got to be part of it, even if its in a small way. And now other people will get to see my work other than my #1 & 2 fans Mom and Lora.  Even though my picture isn’t the main focus of that month (wow how self-centered am I?), I’m still really grateful for the opportunity, plus they were nice enough to give me/my crazyfanmom 25 copies of the calendar so there goes the rest of my xmas shopping!  :)

Hey look they spelled my name right!
TomKat Photography stole the show, but there I am. Upper left hand corner.

Here is the original by the way, in case you don’t have binoculars for eyes and you’d like to see the full sized photo

I5 North, taken from the overpass near Crocker Art

**If you would like to pick up a copy of the 2011 calendar and learn about cool events happening in downtown this coming year, feel free to swing by the Downtown Sacramento Partnership office at 980 9th Street Suite 400 (in the central library building).**

5 thoughts on “Valerie’s first small break

  1. YAY!!!! One sale down, one more on the way … photo by photo

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  3. Yeah…congrats! Glad they spelled your name right too…as someone who ALWAYS gets my name mis-spelled…I get it. :)
    Cool pic, and yes, I want one!

    1. thanks & i’ll make sure to bring one next time i see you! :)

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