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30 photos

So yesterday my good friend Liz posted this Storytelling in 30 Photos thing and I thought, hey this could be fun… In lieu of my Friday Postcard, I present to you my dirty 30, ok not dirty so much as that rhymed and I had to type it. Had to. Happy Friday everyone, here we go… (WARNING: image heavy)

1. Someone I spend a lot of time with:

myself. sad to most, but true and just fine with me.

2. A picture of myself: (see above lol)

3. A picture of someone in the family:

my little cousin Chavo (Yayo), at one of his first rap shows

4. A picture of something that makes me happy:

going somewhere new, taking pictures, with friends i love

5. An old picture of myself:

I hate to brag but I was a VERY cute child

6. A picture of a sibling:

my brother and sister, my family likes to say "DNA gone wild"

7. A class photo:

the closest thing I could find, sadie hawkins dance junior year

8. A random photo of you and your significant other:

single & sexy for 5 years in june :)

9. A picture I’ve never posted before:

a portrait on a very windy day in the delta, i never posted it cause i thought it was total shit

10. A relative:

my grandma & auntie Diana, mexico late 70s

11. A person I can tell everything to:

my best friend of 24ish years, Diana

12. A picture from everyday life:

13. A picture from a place I love:

the mountains

14. A picture that reminds me of old times:

2002/2003 at the original True Love Cafe, I was 18 here

15. A picture from a great night:

post wine&cheese party dance party, Nikki & Aubree

16. An unusual picture:

Lyttelton (in New Zealand) was littered with tons of odd grafiti, loved it.

17. A picture of my spare time:

usually driving somewhere to do something

18. A picture of the people who are closest to me:

my mom and sister are probably the 2 closest people besides my BFFL diana

19. A picture of a person who is always there:

my parents have been here for me 99% of the time, the last 1% was for when my dad didn't want me to move he didn't help me move my stuff lol

20. A picture of a time in life I miss:

living with my best freind/seesta, we have since grown apart

21. A picture from last summer:

my wifey (Aubree) came to visit with the family, i miss them!

22. A picture that makes me sad:

it'll be 3 years in a month. i miss her as much as i did the day she left us.

23. A picture I always laugh about:

i will never be this drunk or stupid ever again, and a cigarette, ew really val. lol circa 2007

24. A crazy picture:


25. Latest picture of myself:

last week

26. A picture of my parents at my age:

27. A picture from the best days of your life:

I was 18 and literally did not have a care in the world except having fun. although i truly believe i'm living the best days of my life right now...but if i had to choose...this was the same day me and my friends drove back from LA for a 2 day hardcore/punk festival and straight to another show in Roseville.

28. A picture from my favorite vacation:

making snow angels in New Zealand

29. A picture of an accomplishment:

Hey look they spelled my name right!

30. A picture I’m satisfied with:

one of the few portraits I've ever taken that I liked, rest in peace Quinten

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  1. I’m glad you posted one of me with hair too! LOL … LOVE IT VAL!!!!!!!!

  2. Magical!! Love love love.

    1. I enjoyed doing it! You know how I love to reminisce

  3. i loooooooooooooove it!!!!