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50 Things, Photography Edition

window decal, selectively focused @the cupcake parlour, new zealand

In honor of the 50 things that make me happy list I started over at my personal blog after being inspired by this post, I decided to make a list exclusively for my love of all things photographic, starting with the first five…

  1. the satisfying feeling of after taking a picture, the sound and feel of advancing your film to the next frame. its just one of those things
  2. selective focusing, anything using any distortion of depth of field in general- I’m all over that.
  3. early evening/late afternoon light, its just so warm and the sunsets are almost alwayyyyyys beautiful.
  4. FILM GRAIN, need I say more? Thats like our [film photographers] bread and butter. Sometimes you’re feeling extra grainy and you go out and get some nice high speed film or push your film a couple stops, or you’re feeling extra fine and go out and buy a really expensive roll of film that has the tiniest softest grain you’ve ever dealt with. Its just [another] one of those things.
  5. when your print is so well made you don’t have to spend over 5 minutes spot-toning (the analoge equivalent to removing dust spots with a clone tool, we just fill in the white spots with pigment to make it blend into the picture)

What are some of your favorite things/things that make you happy about photography?