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Cemetery Post #2 – Sacramento City Cemetery

Anyone who lives in Sacramento knows about the City Cemetery on Broadway and 10th.  There lay some of Sacramento’s founders, people from the gold rush, Donner party, war veterans, family members, we’ve got em all.  Its downright one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve ever visited- maybe I’m just biased because I visit it so often, but it really is a beautiful place with some really wonderful iron work and weathered statues.  Anyway I snapped up a roll here a couple years ago and recently came across the scans of it so I figured I’d share my favorite shots from the lot.  I also have a lot of rolls in b&w and even infrared I have yet to print from this cemetery as well which I’m sure I’ll eventually post. Enjoy.

28 years
hearts, even in death
looking unto Jesus

2 thoughts on “Cemetery Post #2 – Sacramento City Cemetery

  1. You know, I’ve only driven through this cemetery…I want to take a stroll through it sometime. Love the pictures!

    There’s an old cemetery down in Pomona that my father stumbled upon once. It was all overgrown and spooky. He used to take us there. I always thought it was cool.

    1. I may have to track down that Pomona cemetery! And I strongly encourage you to check out sac city cemetery its So awesome