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Cemetery Post #4 – Prebbleton

This gem of a cemetery can be found in a small town between Lincoln and Christchurch proper, if you’re driving too fast you can almost miss it, but its totally worth battling the kids running around (its next to a school) to photograph it.  We kept passing it on our way into the city and every single time we passed it I couldn’t help but stare and scope out this place.  On the property is a creepy and quaint chapel which seems to be the south islands bread and butter (creepy chapels), and even a proper rickety entrance complete with a weathered fence.  Love it.  It took basically my entire trip to NZ to get the nerve to go investigate further and get my photo on and we ended up going on my last day in town, but it was totally worth the wait.  See for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Cemetery Post #4 – Prebbleton

  1. Hi. My folks were Prebbleton Farmers & Railway people. Carved lecturns & supportred a stone there since 1936.

  2. Cool pictures! I love cemetaries…my dad and I stumbled upon a really old one in Pomona about 35 years ago. It was all overgrown and kinda creepy. It was eventually cleaned up by the historical society, but I sorta liked it before they did it.

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