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Church of the Assumption

This impressive church compound in Tomales is just one of the many beautiful stops along the way to Dillon Beach. On my way out from Dillon I decided to hit this church up, the sun was just right, there was a couple pretty clouds out and it just felt right, plus it was deserted at the time. I kind of miss being Catholic (I’m just assuming that’s what this one is I have no clue actually), cause their churches are just so beautiful! 

I was playing with my focus here, not sure what I was going for lol

This was a really nice compound with a really cute yard with a pretty wrought iron gate, and even an old mill in the back that has the creepiest yet awesome statue just watching the yard, NBD. I have more pictures from this church but unfortunately I haven’t finished shooting that roll so the rest will have to wait to see creepy statue lady. You know me, the creepier, the better.

I hope everyones weekends go well, I have a big one planned. Friday I’m heading over to the ever so lovely SrslyLiz‘s casa for some Black Swan wine and Swiss Maid Fudge, and Sunday is my beach day with Danny- so you may or may not be hearing from me over the weekend, we’ll see. Happy Friday Eve everyone!

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  2. *can’t wait*

  3. I can’t for creepy statue lady!
    I just got to SoCal…hope you have a great weekend!

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