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[early] Friday Postcard: cinco de drinko

Olvera Street, Los Angeles

Even though its totally cliche to post something Mexican related on Cinco De Mayo (which is a totally overrated holiday to most actual Mexicans since independence day is in September), I felt it necessary to add my 2 cents. Olvera Street is where it all began in LA, it was THE hub of activity for Los Angeles when LA was still part of Mexico. I got to check it out a couple years ago with some friends and had a good time soaking in the history and walking through some museums. Although its pretty touristy here you can still get a good vibe off of it, and walking around the plaza in front of the entrance to Olvera Street I totally felt like I was in Mexico. In fact just posting about this makes me want to visit Mexico again, but this time in a less touristy spot than Puerto Vallarta.

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