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Edit No.1

So today I have my very first round of edits for my portfolio development class. Our professor wanted us to have 40 edited down pictures for him to choose roughly 5 from. I super procrastinated (mostly because I’ve been so exhausted with life all I’ve been doing is sleeping) and only ended up shooting about 70 frames…oops. I’m kind of nervous, but also excited to get some feedback, out of the 10 locations I need to shoot I did test shots for 5 of them. I only call them test shots because I’m not sure which ones I’m going to use and which I’m going to re-shoot or shoot more of depending on the feedback I get today.

I will say that I’m pleasantly surprised. I got a late start on the day so I only had about an hour and a half to shoot and drive along the river, so the sun was great at times and horrible at times. Also these places aren’t that accessible by foot, some of them I was literally sitting on a slope leading into the river with my back inches away from speeding cars – yikes. After my first roll today I stupidly opened the back of my camera, I really don’t know what i was thinking- I wasn’t, and I hadn’t wound my film back into the canister yet. I was convinced i ruined the entire roll but turns out i only ruined 2 frames and got a cool light leak on one!

All in all the first round of shooting went well, I had to make a couple compromises for my portfolio, like I had originally planned to shoot at the time of the accidents BUT 1 its horribly unsafe and 2 the light would suck at night there, so I think I’m going to just stick to late afternoon & evening light for this portfolio.

Anyway I’ll be sure to post some of the final edits once I find out which ones made the cut! Wish me luck!!

Ps. As a hardcore Fuji film girl I was really disappointed my local Ritz didn’t have any in stock, I had to settle for Kodak Gold for one roll and I was disappointed, I love the tones I get from Fuji. I did however receive my shipment of Fuji Superia PRO today from B&H though…. I’m excited to test it out!

3 thoughts on “Edit No.1

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  2. Good luck in class! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your photos…and I really like the one you’ve posted here. Be careful out there!!

    1. i will be careful! now i know what to bring next time i go shooting. a roadside cone so people SLOW THE EFF DOWN and a blanket so i can lay on the ground to get better shots because there were living creatures where i was standing lol. ew.

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