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a few of my favorite things

I love art, I’m starting to love all forms of it too, I used to be all about just photography but lately I’ve been finding myself seeing art in everyday type things and unexpected things.  These are just a few examples of the art that excites me or inspires me to do what I love doing.

Today we will talk about watercolor artists… I came across this artist a really long time ago on and I didn’t even think to get her name but I love her small artwork.

There’s just something kitschy and comforting about these watercolors.  I love the colors and the feel, and even the little hearts (I love hearts).  I wish I could paint watercolors but alas, my only talent is being behind a camera.

If anyone knows who painted these, please let me know because I’d love to give her credit where it is due.


What kind of art inspires you to do what you do, be it artistic ventures or other?

I’d really love to hear what you have to say.


2 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things

    1. I love the little dangly hearts! I seriously wish I hadn’t forgotten to get the chicks name because I want to BUY THESE for my apartment soooo badly.

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