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Flashback Friday: lessons from drinking with the Navy

The summertime always reminds me of the summer I spent driving to Hantucky (Hanford, Ca) and back for hangouts/UFC nights with my “Sees” Krystal and her cousin and his Navy friends.  I learned many lessons like:

  1. Don’t drink with the Navy.
  2. If you are stupid enough to engage them in drinking games, make sure you win.
  3. Don’t try to wrestle them, they will always win.
  4. Jager Bombs are only meant to be consumed between rounds of UFC fights.
  5. Don’t go to bars that serve alcoholic beverages in mason jars… with Navy peeps.

It was a fun summer, there were a lot of weekend mornings where I drove back to Elk Grove seriously hungover, windows down, music blaring just so I could survive the 3 hour drive home. Sadly, the summer took a turn for the worst when Krystal’s cousin Martin passed away in a tragic accident that late September. This picture is from the drive back from the funeral in Soledad.

Highway 198

Rest in peace Martin, MDK til we die.

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  1. Oh wife, I love you.

    1. lol i love you too.

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