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Friday Postcard: Big Hill Lookout, take two

Union Valley Reservoir, in color!

If this looks familiar, good job! I also took this on 35mm Kodak HIE Infrared film (the only true infrared film that is now discontinued), a couple years back. Right about now is when I begin my countdown to the big thaw in the Sierras so I can begin my road trips up to Loon Lake, Ice House, and Big Hill Lookout. The mountains were my first retreat, then I learned to love the ocean and I started sharing my time between the coast and forest.

I haven’t gotten much work  around here, and I failed to shoot and print for the May VoxSac show but I did develop the black and white roll from Petaluma & Bodega cemeteries and this week I’m going to try to find time to print them. I am so stoked to see them in black and white!! Also I got some awesome news that I’m going to be teaching some girl scouts about photography to help them earn their photography badge in June. And to top off my week my lovely customer/blow follower Lora Lynn was so kind and playing santa claus and got me those bracelets I wanted! I think I may have screamed a little when she showed me today! Thank you again Lora!

Have a good weekend guys, I may or may not be posting. Tonight is my very best friend (since birth)’s 25th birthday and I’m smack dab in the middle of another 8 day work week, so lets just pray I make it to see next week.

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  1. HO HO HO!! LOL…you’re funny!

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