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Friday Postcard: Bodega Bay… again

driving away from Goat Rock Beach... this is actually my desktop background :)

My head has been on the ocean since the first preview of spring we had in January so today now that its payday, and my first friday free in weeks, and its supposed to be 80 in Sacramento today… I think I’m going to escape to Bodega for the day. I’m also planning on scoping out and photographing a cemetery out that way too, really stoked! Happy Friday everyone.

2 thoughts on “Friday Postcard: Bodega Bay… again

  1. Good for you…have fun!
    Don’t catch another “deathflu”!

    1. lol thanks lora. todays trip was actually QUITE productive. i shot 2 different (amazing) cemeteries and some more beach shots. i went through almost 3 rolls of film! stoked!!!

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