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Friday Postcard: Capitola

BFFL Diana & I relaxing at the beach...
below our feet were these tiles, we didn't realize it until after

Man I wish I was here right now, I’ve been DYING to go see some ocean since like November but I haven’t been able to because I’ve been busy/broke.  I hope I can make a break for it soon though, or I might actually go crazy.  :]

4 thoughts on “Friday Postcard: Capitola

  1. like this photo of your feet! LOL

    1. lol i do too! we didnt even realize there was a matching tile until way after this lol

  2. Love it!
    Now that you mention it…you can barely see them under your feet. :) Cool pic!

    1. capitola was awesome. i gotta go back when it warms up.