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Friday Postcard: the biggest little city


Hot August Nights 2010, Reno (digital)

I’m really excited for HAN 2011.  My parents are able to get their time-share at the Marriot during HAN so we will be front and center in all the action since next year is their first official year doing it in different cities besides Reno.  So stoked! I love classic cars.  The curves, the lines, oy vey.

Just goes to show you can do anything with what you’ve got.  Taken with my Canon Powershot SD1100IS on the macro setting.

2 thoughts on “Friday Postcard: the biggest little city

  1. I love classic cars too. I can’t believe I’ve lived up here since ’96 and I haven’t gone!

    I got my love of classic cars from my dad. Once when we dropped my mom off for a meeting at church or something, we came upon a classic car show…and promptly forgot all about picking mom up! Ooops!

    1. you should go lora!! go up for the day! its totally worth it. there are some beautiful cars every year. :)

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