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How I stacked up this year

I swear this picture wasn't blurry when I uploaded it.


Every year I like to write down my resolutions somewhere and every end of the year I like to see how I did.  The closest I’ve ever gotten to accomplishing my new years resolutions was a couple years ago, I got 8 out of 10.  Not bad, eh?  Well here were 2010’s and lets see how I did…

  1. try/learn something new every day. [I went like 3 days and forgot lol]
  2. enjoy every moment – good or bad
  3. be healthier. spiritually, mentally, & physically. [as always I got lazy but at least I didn’t lose my mind, right?]
  4. get outdoors more.
  5. focus on school & photography more [even though I couldn’t get all my classes, my mind was there and I started this blog in school’s absence to get me back on track with what I want in life]
  6. do more for the community/causes i care about – volunteer & cancer awareness.  [Well I tried, I signed up with ACS and went to a welcoming thing but because of my inconsistent work schedule and trying to do school it just didn’t work out the way I had planned.]
  7. date more.
  8. spend more time with family.
  9. visit wifey (my best friend in texas), & travelling more as always. [I didn’t get to make it to Texas but Texas came to me this summer and I got to meet my best friends daughter and I got to visit Vegas for the first time.]

Total crossed off my list: 5.5

Not bad I guess.  I consider one crossed off the list a good year.  How did you stack up this year?  Do anything memorable off your new years resolution list?

2 thoughts on “How I stacked up this year

  1. that’s pretty cool Val! you accomplished things – good for you!

    1. i’m going to do lots more in 2011!!

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