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I don’t plan

this pretty much sums up my driving & phototaking habits

For being such a planner, and making lists and whatnot, basically being a typical Virgo, I’m not at all [a virgo] when it comes to photography. I guess thats “the artist” in me coming out. I know a lot of photographers who regularly shoot, which is good, keeps your skills sharp and you can take advantage of every opportunity. These kinds of photographers are usually portrait or street photographers, they are talented and very diligent.

For me its different, maybe its because I’m primarily a non-portrait photographer. I shoot when I feel like it. And usually my feelings are reflected in the tone of my work. I shoot when I’m in the right mood to shoot, its kind of hard to describe.

When I’m feeling a little melancholy I shoot.
When its a nice day, there is a slight breeze, and some random fluffy clouds in the air, I like to shoot.
Usually on days when I go on drives (I go on drives to relax my mind), I shoot.
I like to shoot in the afternoon to late afternoon, probably because the light is best then.
I like to shoot late at night, way past the “magic hour” when the city is sleeping and the stars are sitting proudly in the sky.

I almost never shoot on a sunny day with 100% blue skies.
Sometimes I like to shoot on foggy overcast days but I’m never really happy with the pictures.
I have a hard time shooting in the middle of winter, I dont like it.

I love to shoot during sunrise.
I wish I could stand on top of my car on the freeway and shoot- no joke, some of the best sunrise views are of when I’m driving to work at 530am.

I know this is a random post and I apologize, but I had to just get it written down, the light was just right and I was feeling inspired. :)
What inspires you to explore your creative outlet?

2 thoughts on “I don’t plan

  1. you inspire me! LOVE YOU

    1. you inspire me too! <3