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I hate Instagram, part 3: I’m a sucker for product ads.

In the age where every pet has their own account, people make a living off of promoting Fashion Nova clothing, and VSCO girls are an actual Halloween costume, I thought it best I update my never-ending rant about Instagram. I’ve become a total sucker for products sponsored via Instagram. 

Note to the Product Managers who are in charge of all things sponsored ads: you guys do a damn good job at predicting what I want and get outta my head!

Here’s a quick list of all of the shit I have bought because of Instagram:

Out of those 8, I would say I only regret maybe 2ish of those purchases because they weren’t worth the money or had poor quality. But it is very clear I have a problem. Out of all of these, the Varram pet fitness toy is my biggest regret; it has taken months for our dog to warm up to it to the point where he isn’t hiding when it’s moving. It’s been a very nice paperweight for us.

My best sucker purchase, I’d have to say has actually been the pet hair remover. Odie went through a really terrible shedding phase this summer and everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING was just coated in his hair. We went through lint roller after lint roller until an ad came up for this tool and it was such a blessing for our couch and for the environment.

The most ridiculous purchase goes to the Zitstickas. Their marketing wore me down good. I resisted buying for months, having already tried the NO BS acne stickers already. I had literal sticker shock as I checked out when I realized I was paying over $3 per sticker aka per zit, when my mid 30s acne was rearing its ugly head again. I could count like 8 zits on my chin! The worst was when I got hasty and put one on too soon and it fell off, goodbye 3 bucks!

So there you have it. My list of shame. And yet somehow, I still refuse to buy a Pandora subscription thats like a dollar right now? Priorities, am I right?

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  1. I’m guilty too! Thanks for the 😂

    ♥️ Maja

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