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I should probably care more

SCC library, 35mm

So for most college students school will be back in session next week or the week after that…yay…unfortunately for most community colleges it has already begun. This year I decided to go the smart route and avoid sleeping through classes or struggling to find parking or pay rent and registered for online courses. I now realize how it can take someone who is intelligent and stubborn so long to finish school. I wish I would have had this buckle-down attitude about 5 years ago when it wasn’t a problem living at home for free and having no responsibility except showing up to class…but I dug my grave and now every semester I have to find a balance between paying bills and taking classes. Usually bills win, I’m really hoping they don’t this year because I’d really like to get away from this crappy college atmosphere once and for all. Between being number 12+ on the waitlist for 50% of my classes this semester (yes even with hybrid courses there is a max student limit), and trying to find classes that work with my schedule so I can afford to live… its been rough. I’m really ready for these state budget cuts to be over and for California to finally be out of the recession, cause when you’re my age and in my city it sure feels like we’re still in one.

I’m not going to lie though, while taking my time and slacking off through semesters I’ve been having a generally good time with my life which is probably why I haven’t been in a rush to “grow up” and finish my degree. Its been really nice stopping to smell the roses. Now people I went to high school with or who are my age working on their masters and PHDs are envying parts of my life that they never got to experience cause they were too busy buckling down to let loose and have a shit-ton of irresponsible fun. I guess the grass is always greener cause I’d kill to have my degree by now so I could start building my career. OH well.

Just my 2 cents for the day.

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