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It must run in the family…

Ensenada, Mexico 1979 - photographed by my grandpa

My grandpa and I seem to share the same eye for photography, which makes sense that I ended up with his and my dads hand-me-down photo equipment and love using it.  When my grandma Mati passed away 2 years ago we scanned in a ton of pictures with her in them, almost all shot by my grandpa.  The ones taken in Ensenada when my parents were just barely together are probably my favorite, the colors, the candid shots, my parents’ youth, I really love it all.

Today my dad goes in for his cancer surgery which is why I thought to look at these favorite pictures of him and of my grandma, I just figured I’d share them with you too since they are some of my favorite photos of all time.



I love my family and our history- all of it.  I think that’s why I like photography so much- its history you can look at.



**Cancer awareness and research funding is a huge part of what I like to help out with, if you or someone you know has ever suffered from cancer you know how much it affects a family.  If you would like to help out a good cause, the American Cancer Society will always accept a donation– even a small amount can help save a life.  You can also help by volunteering your time and efforts to their events and support services.**

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