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Love the one you’re with

The best camera you can have, is the one that is with you.

Lets talk digital.

As a self-proclaimed poor person who can’t really afford the latest and greatest photo equipment, I’ve come to really appreciate the equipment that I can afford and I’ve always tried to make do with what I’ve got.

luckily the ancient digital camera had a long shutter-speed setting

My first digital camera was a $40 used Canon Powershot that literally looked like a silver brick and had only 3.something megapixels.  That powershot was so old it used real batteries, compact flash instead of SD cards, and if I decided to use the flash on the camera there would only be enough juice for about 10 shots.  I’m talking some serious lo-fi here.  I was really grateful to have it though because before then I was using my cameraphone which at the time was a crappy Nokia…the kind that had JUST been released in full color…wow I felt old typing that.  As bad quality as that silver brick was, I still managed to take some great shots with it.  Some of those photos are my favorite to this day.


grandmas house

When I got my new computer I decided it was time to upgrade my digital camera too, and because my partying days were becoming more frequent I needed something I could actually fit into my purse.  Enter: 8 megapixel Canon Powershot. Like the first digital camera I had, I still had all the fancy options I needed without the cost of a DSLR, plus some way better video capabilities than my first digital camera and way better quality than my quickly upgraded cell phones (sidekicks & now moto droid).

In keeping with the above quote, I still snap artistic photos on my cellphones when I have no other option and though I would never rely on them to be part of my professional portfolio I still love them the same as my other photographs.  I guess its just a sign of the times, right?


Its only a matter of time before I hatch a plan to buy a DSLR. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and after traveling with one abroad I decided digital isn’t that horrible.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some film and lots of darkroom time but last year on my NZ trip I lugged around 4 cameras…it was just…too heavy.  I had the point and shoot for my drunken adventures, I had 2 35mm film cameras, one loaded with b&w film and one with color/infrared film, and finally my friend Nathan’s DSLR… To be brutally honest, I ended up using almost exclusively the DSLR.  I did use the film cameras but only twice when I was getting serious about taking photos at this beautiful church (that I ironically lost the digital copies of the same church).

Right now I’m perfectly fine with my film camera and the point and shoot, but a lot of photography jobs I’ve been looking at doing part time require a DSLR…again, sign of the times.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get a DSLR because heck, they sure are convenient, but for now I’m making do with what I’ve got and I feel like its working pretty well for me.  Having only 24-36 chances to get what you need makes your eye better trained at taking the perfect shot everytime.  I feel like with digital its too easy to snap 400 pictures in one sitting and only pick out 3 great shots.

But we will save that rant for another day. :)

4 thoughts on “Love the one you’re with

  1. Dropping by to send some comment love. <3
    I always enjoy your blog posts!

    1. thanks for reading lora! :)

  2. Rant on, Valerie!
    I kinda felt the same way about doing artwork and graphics on a computer instead of by hand. It always feels a little like cheating to me…still does sorta.
    I guess I’m a little bitter in that regard…the year I graduated college, with my hand-done on an art table with rapidograph pens, bottle ink and wax paste-up pieces…was the year the Apple Macintosh came out using a mouse and graphical user interface….making my degree instantly obsolete. (end rant)

    So, more power to you and I hope Santa brings you a DSLR!

    1. That sucks Lora sorry. If it makes you feel any better there will always be a place for your artwork in the art world. :)

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