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Seriously she deserves a medal of honor

Mom & Grandma yesterday at lunch. Aren't they beautiful!?
Mom & Grandma yesterday at lunch. Aren’t they beautiful!?

I’m not a mom so its often hard for me to fathom the kind of unconditional love mothers have for their kids because, lets face it- we (us kids) are assholes. We definitely don’t deserve the love we get. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my mom, and really all the mothers out there.

Mom, You are incredibly strong and brave. You pushed my big head out, you nurtured me, wiped up my barf, poop, tears, all of it. You coped with raising an incredibly finicky child who HAD to be in her own bed to sleep and had a god awful time putting on clothes and shoes, I still remember screaming at you that I wasn’t comfortable. I was the most blunt little outspoken jerk of a kid (I guess I never grew out of that) yet you loved me anyway. Seriously, how did you restrain yourself from popping me in the mouth? You raised not ONE but TWO crazy teenage daughters, plus all our friends you took in as your own, and I’m pretty sure Monica started your grey hairs but I sealed the deal during prom seasons and graduation. You’ve been such a rock throughout all the crap we have gone through as a family, and throughout our struggles you’ve always been the strongest. You fought cancer and still took care of our family even during chemo. Mom, when did you grow balls of steel, for reals? Not only have you been an amazingly nurturing and tolerant mom, you’ve also been the best example for me on how to be a strong woman of God. Your recent fitness journey has been such an inspiration as well as to how strong you really are, not just physically but mentally, because you have never given up and I know this has been hard for you but you still keep at it. Mom I basically just wanted to say you’re a badass, and thank you for raising us, I couldn’t have asked for a better suited woman for the job. :)

I love you, Happy Mothers day. 

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  1. You Just Wanted To Make Me Cry! Thank You I Love You!!!

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